Plantsava - Root Watering System

Turn any planter into a self watering pot

How Does Platsava Work?

As a "root watering system", Plantsava's simplicity has an interesting science behind it. Plantsava doesn't just water a plant's roots, it provides the much needed oxygen.

Once easily installed in the pot, a filler pipe from the surface runs down to a water reservoir in the base of the pot. The system delivers water from the roots upwards for up to 6 weeks without the need for re-filling. A float in the filler pipe will tell you when the reservoir is full.

Using the soil's natural capillary action, the plant draws water from the soil only when it requires water. So there is no more guessing on how much and how often you should water your plants.



  1. Place the Plantsava inside the planter. If the filler pipe is too long, you can cut it down to size. Make sure you cut the float inside the pipe by the same amount.

  2. Fill the capillary leg with soil. Make sure that there are no air pockets but do not over compact the soil.

  3. Cover your Plantsava with a layer of soil. The bottom of your plant’s roots should be no more than 15cm above the top of the reservoir.

  4. Remove your plant from the grow pot and loosen any pot bound roots. Complete planting by filling the remaining space in the container with soil. Water in the soil lightly.

 The Plantsava root watering system is perfect for use with any planter range:

Plantsava only needs to be topped up with water every few weeks and you can add fertilizer or plant food at the same time.

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