Capillary Matting

A uniform and perfectly controlled irrigation is the basis for the optimised growing and sale of plants

The REIMANN irrigation matting is a product made by one of Europe's leading manufacturer of geotech fabrics. Specially developed for professional horticulture it offers an ideal solution not only for greenhouses or polytunnels but also for outdoor use such as nurseries and for cultivation on the ground. It forms a pleasant microclimate, assures a better root building in the pot and reduces the risk of boytritis for the plants.

The products FLORAPOL and VIVAPOL are also available in a special developed compound matting. These compound matting, FLORAPLUS and VIVAPLUS, are multi layer laminate constructions bonding the PE-film, capillary matting and protective fabric into one easy to handle product. It offers lot's of advantages and benefits.

 Advantages and Benefits

  1. Reduction in installation time to one third compared to conventional three part matting .
  2. No movements between individual layers ensuring perfect capillarity is maintained at all times.
  3. Can be laid on different type of surfaces resulting in minimal ground preparation
  4. Creates an ideal growing climate for the plants.
  5. The plants draw as much water and additives as they need through the root system leaving blossoms and leaves free from wetness.
  6. Is available in 1 litre/sqm and 3 litres/sqm water retention capacity both as one, two and three laminate structure.

          For additional information and sizes see product brochure.

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